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By sponsoring with ACF Children, you will give a child a loving and caring family and all the support they need for a happy, healthy childhood. From as little as $15 a month, you can change that child's life.
100% of your donations will go towards the care of children. you will provide vital support from education to healthcare, ensuring your child gets the best possible start in life. Our secure online donation makes it easy for you to help a child in need today. ACT NOW | For more info Call: 220-9512314

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ACF | International Holy Qur'an Award

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance
Nomination applications are accepted from the official authorities with respect to all countries and Islamic communities that make such nominations; individual nomination applications are also accepted. Participants or nominations are accepted according to the following terms and conditions:

  • 1:The candidate should be able to memorize the Holy Book by heart.
  • 2:He should be conversant with the rules of recitation (Tajweed).
  • 3:He can either be a male or Female.
  • 4:He should not be more than 20 years old.
  • 5:He should have not participated in previous sessions of the Award.

International Holy Qur'an Award also sponsors local smaller competitions throughout the Islamic world. These competitions are open to both sexes, and we work with local Islamic authorities and assemblies to get communities and schools involved in putting forth participants. These competitions are held throughout the year.

International Holy Qur'an Award is pleased to announce our special competitions for competitors under the age of 12.
This is a friendly competition that kids love.
  • This competition takes place every three months.
  • Kids age range from 2.5 years to 12 year-old boys and girl.
  • In this competition all kids are winners and they all get gifts.
  • All gifts will be nominal, symbolic and almost of the same value.
  • Each child will get a certificate with the Surahs that he memorized.

AlMuhsinun Live Web TV:

The AlMuhsinun TV, aimed to promotes Islamic Da'awah and Guidance- by changing the world through Da’awah in the proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam- amongst less aware Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Cooming Soon Insha Allah!!!

AlMuhsinun Web TV Stars

Coming Soon!

This section is currently under construction and due to be launched shortly.   

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