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The United Muslim International Organisation, is a Gambian based International humanitarian relief and development agency, aimed to promote the establishment of unity through the alleviation of poverty, education for all, and the provision of basic amenities for those in need, by creating a world where charity and compassion produce justice, self reliance and human development, in the sense of improving lives of many humans in over many of the world’s poorest countries.


It is my great pleasure to inform you about UMIO. The UMIO humanitarian programmes have been initiated for the benefit of Humanity. This opportunity has been made possible by the intervention of human aid from donors who give priority to be saviors of humanity; by this a human aid is needed to resulting for a better life for the poor through education and endowments. Allahu Akbar - surely this is a mercy from Allah (God).              


I sincerely hope that you will take full advantage of this Unique opportunity to please God by deeply understanding the major love of offering help to a needy, because the most honorable thing in this world is to help someone in need, and by sharing this divine legacy with the poor around will make them feel better. And utilizing all aid provide to the needy by donors through our endowments.


UMIO Endowments funds are giving Regardless of gender, nationality, religion or political estimation, and by sharing this divine legacy with the help of Allah to the needy. And by utilizing all aid will provide to the needy, will make them feel like they are not alone, and we have be people loving to see them achieved and to live a happy and secure life.